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Excel export (xlsx or csv) falsing part of the data

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Hi everyone,


I'm having trouble with the export to excel, whether it is to an .xlsx or a .csv file.
All the data that gets exported is pretty correct except for one metric: users, the total number in the excel file is at least 5 times the number displayed in the summary on the Google Analytics web page.

For example here is a screenshot from Google Analytics showing the results of a custom report on a time range of 1 year (01/01/201 to 31/12/2010) filtered to show only results from Germany:
User data_Germany only.PNG

And right after I extract to excel, it show 174 141 users (both by calculating the sum with a formula or by simply looking at the automatically generated sum). I've tried extracting from 3 different browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It never works.

What's weird is that if the user metrics is way above the actual number after the export, none of the metrics show the same result after the export to excel although for all these other metrics, the variation with what's showing on the analytics interface is very small.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem and how to solve it?
And if you don't, maybe you do have a workaround for me? I need user data by page, by country and by year. I don't know how to get that without using a custom report.

Thanks for taking the time to read me, I'm looking forward to reading your input!

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Re: Excel export (xlsx or csv) falsing part of the data

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Check and see if your report is gathering so much data that it is doing sampling. see this article for more information on sampling and how it effects your data

Re: Excel export (xlsx or csv) falsing part of the data

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Whats happening here is de-duplication. The interface de-duplicates Users within the reporting timeframe.
Say user A comes on Monday with 10 other user and on Tuesday you have another visit of user A and 10 further new visitors. The reporting interface will report 21 Users as User A was on your site twice and is deducted. When you know export this data and have set the report to "day" you will get the amount of users per day and the sum of that. So 11 for Monday and 11 for Tuesday, i.e. 22 Users. So the Excel report sums the data up per what you set the graph to represent in the report. In the above example, switch this to weekly and Excel will report 21 Users.

Hope this helps explain the issue, unfortunately, unless you run a members site where you could use "userID" I have no solution to this. Only patience and a lot of explaining for your superiors who are probably as puzzled as mine when we come to this point :-)