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Exceeded Date Limits

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I'd like to know if we have other options to continue using Google Analytics without having to upgrade to premium plan.


We recently exceeded the data limit with the free account and Google Analytics stopped processing the data as a consequence and we're asked to upgrade our free plan. Honestly, we can't afford to upgrade at the moment and we have fixed the issue that lead us to exceed the data limit.


Is there any chance that we could continue using the free plan?





Exceeded Google Analytics Data Processing Limit

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We recently exceeded the data limit and Google analytics have stopped processing our data.

To fix this issue, we have 2 options, either to upgrade to the premium plan or to send fewer hits:


We opted with the second option, which was to send fewer hits.

However, Google analytics have not resumed processing our data.


What's the next step to have our analytics resumed since we have already done one of the options?