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Event not assigned to any Page

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Hello GA Masters,


I have a CTA on my hero image and there is an on click GA event tied to it. In the browser developer console, I can see the event firing and I am also able to see the event in the Top Events(Primary Dimension as Event Action) report in GA. 

However, when I see the Pages report under Events section and apply the secondary dimension as Event action and search for that particular event action, GA says "There is no data for this view.".

How is this possible? An on click event must be assigned to the page, shouldn't it?


The premise for this is: I created a custom report with Flat table configuration and used below dimensions:

Page--> Event Category-->Event Action--> Event Label

Metric: Total Events

While analyzing the report, I saw that there were no events on the hero image CTA. I then had to check the Top Events and Pages report.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Event not assigned to any Page

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Hi @Archit S,


Yes, event should be assigned to the page. Please check your filter that you are using for searching for the particular event action. If you use exact mach, you should be careful about case sensitivity as well.


I hope this helps,