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Email Report: Remove breakdown into hours

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as of late, my daily report email breaks the various variables I use (Pageviews, Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate) down to the hour, producing long lists which I find cumbersome. How can I program the report so that it only displays the four totals again?


Example (page visits):

000000	21
000001	13
000002	16
000003	8
000004	12
000005	43
000006	29
000007	20
000008	32
000009	56
000010	30
000011	36
000012	26
000013	59
000014	45
000015	69
000016	48
000017	58
000018	37
000019	44
000020	31
000021	65
000022	67
000023	51

 Thanks in advance.

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December 2015

Re: Email Report: Remove breakdown into hours

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Hi Tankred T,

Google Analytics emails your reporting exactly as it is displayed within the interface.

Without a screenshot of the report you are receiving, it is hard to know for certain how you have configured the report.
Chances are you may have done one of two things, had a secondary dimension of "Hour" or "Hour of Day" applied when you originally setup your email reporting. Or selected to view the report using the 'Hourly' view (compared to the other options: Day, Week, or Month) which you can toggle between in the top right of the report.

So if you had the 'Hour' dimension applied when you originally setup your email reporting, or were viewing by Hour, this dimension will be included in your email reports.

Because you cannot edit a scheduled report after it has already been created, I would recommend creating a new report with only the values you are interested in. Once you receive this new report, and you are satisfied with the dimensions/metric breakdown, you can step into your admin section under "Scheduled Emails' and delete the reports you no longer wish to receive.

Please find further reading on the topic provided by Google here:


Re: Email Report: Remove breakdown into hours

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Thanks a lot for your swift answer, this worked well. So, for posterity, go to reporting -> audience overview and select both "date range: day" and the view "day" to get day totals only.

Re: Email Report: Remove breakdown into hours

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Hi Tankred,

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "date range: day" ...if you are talking about changing from the default "custom" to "Today" ....that is up to you to determine based on how many days worth of data you want to pull.

But yes, to the second part. Having the view set to "day" will provide metrics broken down by day.

Hope this helps,