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Doubt about something within Site Search

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Hi all,

I hope you are well. 
I've got a doubt and wondered if anyone can help me with it, please?
I want to know if Results page views/ Search in Behaviours >Site Search is the amount of Results pages seen when performing a search or the individual pages clicked after performing a search please? 

Example: I land on a page where I use a search tool and search for 'apples'. the site returns 4 pages of results about different type of apples (each page containing 10 individual pages). Is Results page views/ Search giving me the amount of results pages I've seen (first/previous page 1>2>... next/last page) or the amount of pages I've clicked on (like Gala and Braeburn)?

The name 'Results page views' within GA is confusing me since it seems like a mixture between two types of pages involved in the Search process: Search Results Page - Results page that is returned on a search engine query Results Pageview - The page viewed after a click on a results page.

GA explains the Results page views/ Search calculation as "Average number of times visitors viewed a search results page after performing a search" but on their support page it says".

If anyone can throw some light on this it would be really appreciated. Thanks very much, A.

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Re: Doubt about something within Site Search

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ACG this total is giving you the number of search result pages that the visitor has looked at in a given search, so if they search for "spacely sprockets" and then hit next for the next set of results this would be one, if they hit next again it would register as two. The number of results displayed on the individual search results page is irrelivant and could change from application to application as in most cases this is customizable.