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Does the User Explorer show custom dimensions set through Session Unification?

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Imagine this scenario where all my custom dimensions are User Scoped and all my questions are about the User ID view. I have simplified my scenario so as to drill down to my real problem.


1) Anonymous user visits website


2) User selects from a Gender dropdown and sends event (nonInteraction : false) and custom dimension of the Gender value to Google.


3) User submits form (within the same session as the previous step) and lands on final page where he is assigned a Hashed User ID in the URL. The Hashed User ID is sent to Google with that same pageview as a User ID and also as a custom dimension of Hashed User ID.


4) At 5am the next day, Session Unification takes places and step 2 of the above list is now unified with the Hashed User ID.


Indeed, a custom report in the User ID view for custom dimension of Gender and metric of Users with the Hashed User ID as a secondary dimension works perfectly. I can see the Gender value against the Hashed User ID value.


However, in the User Explorer when I segment to the custom dimension of a specific Hashed User ID, only the Hashed User ID value appears in the column that shows the custom dimensions.


Question 1)        Why won't it show me the Gender value of this user that was associated by Session Unification but will show the Hashed User ID which was set directly on the hit itself?


Question 2)        A simple report of Source / Medium with a secondary dimension of Gender wont give back any data. Why then does a custom report for the custom dimension of Gender and metric of Users with the Hashed User ID as a secondary dimension work perfectly?