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Discrepany between Channels Report and Model Comparison

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I am having an issue in that I am seeing quite different data between the Acquisition Channels report and Model Comparison Tool in GA. 


The data is from the end of December, so there is no issue with incomplete data from any sections of the reports. 


Channels reports give me the following data for medium and number of ecommerce transactions. 

Organic          84
Direct             192
Referral          71
Paid                32
Other              1


Yet the Attribution Model Comparison shows the following data;


Organic          77
Direct             207
Referral          71
Paid                24
Other              1


I have the same total number of transactions across both reports, but the number of transactions attributed to each medium is different!

This is set with a 30 day look back window and with the model set to last non-direct click, as I believe this is how the rest of Analytics deals with attribution by default. Here's the thing - regardless of what the model or look back window are set to, I can never get the Model Comparison to give me the same ecommerce conversion data as the Channels tab. I want to be able to draw a comparison using the data reported in the Channels report as the base, but am unable to do so as I cannot replicate those figures in Model Comparison!

Can anyone suggest why I can never see the same transaction conversion figures regardless of what I set in Model Comparison - what am I missing?

Re: Discrepany between Channels Report and Model Comparison

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Hi Matt,

The channels are usually the same as "Last Click Attribution" as Google uses last click attribution as the default. Another reason is that they calculate differently, Model Comparison uses interactions and channels use sessions, so the data will never be identical in who gets credit.

Re: Discrepany between Channels Report and Model Comparison

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Hi Bryan, thanks for the response.
According to this page of Google Support, the default attribution model for all non-Multi Channel Funnel reports is Last Non-Direct Click;
Am I misunderstanding that?

That's why the figures I posted above from Model Comparison was using that - but regardless, however I set it I cannot get the same results as in Channels.

I'm a little confused by what you say with regards to Model Comparison using interactions rather than sessions. The figure I am trying to get consistent across both reports is interactions - the number of ecommerce transactions. Both Channels and Model Comparison give the correct (same) number of transactions but I don't follow why they don't attribute them the same in any of the different attribution models!