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Discrepancy in page views - Google Analytics

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Hi team,

We are an analytics firm and are responsible for setup and maintenance of Google Analytics for multiple websites for a multinational company.

We have been noticing a discrepancy between page views on the checkout page of registration and the number of registered users as per the database.

As part of debugging this issue, we created a separate Google Analytics property so that we could compare the click stream data flowing into both the properties.

What we have observed is that the older property receives fewer page views than the new property created as a part of this debugging process.

To understand this issue further, we created two GA properties in a staging website and added a custom dimension so that each hit ( both page views and events) has a time-stamp.

For this staging website, we notice that if we perform ten registrations, typically only the last eight registrations are recorded in the older property whereas all the registrations are successfully recorded on the new property.

Since registrations are a business critical metric, we are asking for support in order to prevent any losses in data collection.

All of the GA page view tags are implemented via Google Tag Manager.