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Discrepancy in Sessions and Users for Converters and Non Converters

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A little background :


I modified Avinah Kaushiks' Non Flirts segment to see how visitors viewing more than 3 pages were doing. What I found was that all those who came from cpc channels and viewed more than 3 pages - converted. I wrote about this here.


I wanted to find out details for those who viewed 2 pages or less and hence i created this segment - Page Depth 2 or less with Google/CPC (Sessions)




If we look at the image above, Sessions and Users for - AK: Non-Flirts, Potential Lovers (Page Depth 3 or more) (Google/CPC) - is much less than for - Page Depth 2 or less with Google/CPC (Sessions). 


Why is this? I thought it would be reverse, since sessions and users for those who converted would be more? 

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Re: Discrepancy in Sessions and Users for Converters and Non Converter

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Hi Trudy,

I'm not sure why you would expect to see more people convert rather than not. That is, for your page depth of two or less for Google CPC segment; I would expect to see more of these non-converting visitors than the ones that actually buy something or look at more pages. Every site is different but typically I would expect to see that most people do not enter the funnel and convert and that most CPC visitors would have a page depth less than 3. Also for most converters, I would expect them to see a larger page depth just due to most checkout/ form flow processes. The real question is what were the keywords and landing pages that were successful and what did those converters see that influenced them to convert and buy. I may spend more time looking at those dimensions and also what their onsite experience (exposure to offers , etc) compare that to non converters to hypothesize on what changes to marketing/merchandising could be made to influence buyers. Enhanced Ecommerce (for ecommerce sites) could be a big win here.

I'm not sure if that helps at all, but just wanted to offer another perspective, or maybe I just did not understand your query. Smiley Happy


Theo Bennett
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Re: Discrepancy in Sessions and Users for Converters and Non Converter

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Thanks Theo - definitely look into what you have said! Smiley Happy