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Discrepancy between Page title and Page results for the same data

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I am an Analytics novice. We've just set up a new site in Analytics and are puzzled about the information displayed in 'Behaviour' > 'Site Content' > 'All pages'. In this report a different set of pages is displayed under the 'Page' and 'Page title' views. Why aren't they the same? Any explanation would be really useful!





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January 2016

Re: Discrepancy between Page title and Page results for the same data

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Morning Jackie,

How the data appears in these reports has a a lot to do with your site implementation.

The Page dimension displays your traffic broken down by the actual subdirectory of your URL. This is the path that appears after your domain. Let's say your URL for a page was In this case the domain is and the /home is the subdirectory which would show up as Page in GA.

When you display your results by the Page Title dimension you are looking at your traffic broken down by the Title your developers assigned to a page on your site. Keeping with the previous example the page would probably be named Home. Keep it mind that these Page Titles do not have to be unique to a subdirectoy. It's possible that many pages (each with a different URL) could be named Home on your site. This would cause the info in these 2 reports to appear different. For example, if you had 4 pages that shared the same Page Title the traffic to all these pages would be combined when you reviewed your data by the Page Title dimension. But if you switched the dimension to Page all 4 of these pages would be reported on separately.

Let me know if this helped or if you have any other questions.


Re: Discrepancy between Page title and Page results for the same data

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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your help. I have had trouble in understanding why my totals in Excel were so different. After some research and thinking I have come to the conclusion that unless you compare two full reports -one with all pages/urls and one with all page titles- your totals in Excel will be different. If you export a report with top 100 pages and a report with top 100 pages, the totals in Excel won't match at all because titles group pages with same urls therefore the amounts will be higher! Silly but hey!

Please let me know if I have got this wrong Smiley Happy


P.S. What I still don't understand is how a url sorted by page title (to see the groupings) has different values in Excel and Analytics. Any thoughts?

thanks and regards, A.

Discrepancy between Page title and Page results for the same data

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I have a similar problem. I fully understand the difference between "Page Title" and "Page" labeling. However, when the report (behavior/site content/all pages) are sorted by "Page," I see a list of pages ranked by highest traffic. Great! But when the Page Title is chosen as the Primary Dimension in the same report, completely different and unrelated pages are listed as the second and third highest pages.

Any insight?