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Discrepancies between Facebook and GA

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Good afternoon,


I am unable to see data for the traffic of my facebook "Website Clicks" campaign in GA.

I have used the url builder to make sure that the traffic is not listed as direct. I have tried opening the link from the ads in a browser and this way i have no problem seeing it in the reports. 


The problem is that even though my facebook campaign is recording link clicks there is no traffic listed in Google Analytics.


Any ideas what might be causing the problem? 



Re: Discrepancies between Facebook and GA

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Hi Lily,


It is not uncommon to see a discrepancy in Facebook ad clicks vs Google Analytics sessions.


  • Keep in mind that processing latency is 24-48 hours in Google Analytics. It means that it may take up to 24-48 hours to see accurate data in GA.
  • Make sure you don't use any kind of filters in GA that might block traffic from Facebook.
  • Users can bounce (leave from the page) before triggering a page load, particularly for slower-loading pages. Make sure you page loads fast.
  • Users could click once on an ad, and click again within 30 minutes, registering as only 1 session in Google Analytics. If someone clicks on an ad, read your article for example, comes back to Facebook and clicks on an ad again within 30 minutes, you'll see only 1 session on GA but multiple clicks on Facebook.


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Hope this helps.