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Direct traffic - is Hootsuite being counted?

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I've recently inherited a new site and have noticed that the direct traffic levels are higher than we would have expected.


They do high levels of social (mainly Twitter), 1 monthly email and that's about it. Social should (in theory) be showing as their main source of traffic but instead Direct (none) is second to organic, which is making me think that social may not be getting tracked correctly.


They use Hootsuite to schedule posts - does GA count this as 'social' for reporting or should I be applying a filter or something similar?


Thanks for any help!



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July 2016

Re: Direct traffic - is Hootsuite being counted?

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Hi Emma -

Do you know if any UTMs are being used to bucket social into its own channel? In order to 'mark' all traffic coming from social media, you would need to define it by using UTM parameters.

Usually, when you don't have UTM's in, it will report back on the referrer which in twitter case would either be or twitter. It shouldn't be going through the direct channel. But look at referral path and / or hostname for the direct channel.