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Difference between / and home.html

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Hello All,


As you can see by the picture, there is the first row (/)




Both of these take us to the home page. What is the difference between the two??




Screenshot 2017-04-28 09.44.20.png

Re: Difference between / and home.html

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Hi Hector,

You can use a Search and Replace filter to change one of the existing Page Paths "/" to show as "/home.html" in Google Analytics. If you do that, Google Analytics will treat them as one page in your reports.

Here's how this filter looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 19.56.55.png

Search String: ^/$
Replace Sring: /home.html

Keep in mind, Google Analytics filters do not apply retroactively. They start working only from the day and the minute, they are first created. One more thing - filters permanently alter your data based on the criteria specified. That's why I highly recommend testing this filter in the test view first before you use it in your Master View (you don't want to screw up anything).

Hope this helps.