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Difference between Google traffic vs. SEO landing page/queries

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Thanks a ton for any help here. All figures are last 90 days. 


1. in the 'Acquisitions -> source/medium' tab it indicates that 16,984 new users have come from google/organic


2.  In the 'SEO -> queries' tab it indicates that we've received 2664 clicks.  Additionally, most of the queries are french, with very few queries in english (even though most of our content is in english".  73% of the data also is in the 'not set' column, and there are 455 queries listed. 


3.  On the 'SEO -> landing pages' tab again it says 2664 clicks and only shows 51 of our landing pages.  I'm unsure why only 51 landing pages are showing up when we have significantly more.  



My questions 


1. Why are only <~15% of the people coming to the site through google searches, being listed in the 'queries' & 'landing pages' tabs?


2. How are we supposed to track the performance of a landing page if it's not showing up in the 'landing pages' tabs?


3. Is it possible get better data in the queries tab?  Only 15% of the Google clicks are making their way to the queries tab, and 75% of those fall into the 'not set' bucket.  Furthermore, 90% of the queries that did show up are in french. So, the only English queries listed are a drop in the bucket overall (~<0.5% of all queries that lead to our site).  


Thanks for any helps. 

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Re: Difference between Google traffic vs. SEO landing page/queries

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So when I go into those same reports I get two yellow message bars. The first states that SEO reports include only dat for the previous 90 days and that no data is available for the two most recent days. The second states that in order to protect user privacy queries made a very small number of times or containing personal or sensitive information are grouped as (not set) see this link for more information , so from this I am assuming that you either had a bunch of single digit search terms, or your search terms could have exposed personal data. As to why they are in French have you verified in Admin-->View Settings that you are set to the corretc time zone and territory, not sure that is the issue but the first place I would start. Another thing on the subject of French is are your pages somehow tagged as French or using a parameter of &lng=french, If you can provide a link I can check your source code for any references to french. Now for your landing page issue even with the 90 day limitation for SEO I still show 39,978 different landing pages under SEO-->Landing Pages is it possible that in the last 90 days that your visitors only landed on 51 different pages from organic sources. Remember that this is a filtered view so only landing pages derived from organic sources will show up.

Re: Difference between Google traffic vs. SEO landing page/queries

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Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to help, I really appreciate it!

1) As I mentioned, all the statistics provided in the OP are for the last 90 days. So, 16,984 vs. 2664 over the exact same time span being reported in two sections (not factoring in last 2 days missing). I understand that some data is going to be put into the 'not set' group; however, even when the 'not set' group is included, we are still talking 16,984 vs. 2664.

2) Regarding french, here's the site:

It is offered in french; however, according to Google Analytics only 1.74% of our visitors are french. So, I'm not understanding why so few English pages are getting tracked properly in Google Analytics SEO queries/landing pages, and such a high percentage are our french content is getting picked up.

3) It's not possible they only landed on 51 pages, and even still; If they did only land of 51 pages, then shouldn't the amount of clicks posted in the source/media tab be the same as the SEO section?

Thanks again


Re: Difference between Google traffic vs. SEO landing page/queries

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Steven looking at your code I see you do everything you possibly can to ensure that the lang=en-US is set, so the only thing I can think of is what is set in Admin-->View Settings-->Time Zone country or territory field again not sure this is the issue just something to verify.

As for your google/organic do you have any filters applied, or segments applied, have you set up additional channels groups that could be skewing your data. When looking at one of my sites data when I filter source/medium by the word organic I see 125,623 sessions over the last week when I go to the Channels report for Organic Search I see 125,623 so I am matching. When I look at clicks which I believe only includes google/organic I see 145,303 which is 20,000 more than I have organic sessions for which I can understand as users could be leaving my site and doing an additional search and then coming back before their origional session ended or they opened up their clicks from Google in a new window, my landing pages under SEO show 20,958 and my impressions show in excess of 3 million.

All data taken together I do not see a direct coralation between number of clicks under SEO and number of sessions or New Users in Source Medium. I also suppose that if I were on Google or any other search engine and I did not click anything but came to my site from that page I would count as coming from google/organic (this could happen I assume if my home page when I open a browser was a search engine, which in my case it is). Ga defins source/medium as "Source/Medium describes where your traffic comes from. The Source is the place users are before seeing your content, like a search engine or another website. The Medium describes how users arrived at your content. Values for Medium include "organic" for unpaid search traffic and "none" for direct traffic. Custom values you define for Source and Medium will also be included in this dimension." it does not state that I had to click in order to be counted as coming from google/organic.

Check your Source/medium filtered by the word organic against your Channels and see if they match then check your Treemaps and see if they match all three should match and can be found under Acquisition-->All Traffic

Check your Querries, Landing Pages, and Geographical Summary and see if they match they are all located under Acquisition-->SEO

In both cases mine match within each category but going outside those categories the differences are shown but also consitent.

I do see a difference in your deployment and mine in that you are using _gaTracker for your create, set and send while I am using just ga so I am not sure how that affects anything or even if it does. I also dont use the auto after my UA number I actually set my URL as such

Re: Difference between Google traffic vs. SEO landing page/queries

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Hey Brian,

Thanks again for such a detailed post, really appreciate it!

1) I'm matching between source/medium and Channels, and also matching between Queries & landing pages in the SEO sections. I'm just confused how there is such a disparity between the two, and it sounds like you have a similar situation with there being a disparity between the two areas. It really seems like a lot of data isn't being picked up in my SEO section (that I would love to use). It doesn't seem possible that so few of our English articles are getting found through Google search, especially when looking at the source/medium sections.

2) The only filters are for the ip addresses of employees that access the site and there are no segments applied to this view.

Thanks again for the help, and confirming that your data is different between the SEO section and the other areas reporting Google traffic.