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Difference between Dimension, Segment, Custom Report?

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Hi! Can some please tell me whats the difference between Dimension, Segment and Custom Report? And when should I use them, maybe even pro's and con's?




Re: Difference between Dimension, Segment, Custom Report?

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Hi Ronja,

The best I can do is give you a basic explanation and refer you to guides I have written in the past. I expect these to be of great help to you!

You can compare metrics to dimensions:
- A dimension is a characteristic of an object that can be given different values —> a dimension describes data
- A metric is an individual element of a dimension which can be measured as a sum or ratio —> a metric measures data

You can compare segments to filters:
- Filters influence the future data that is collected in a data view
- Segments are good for ad hoc analysis and can be aimed at historical data as well

Help links:

Custom reports help you to get the metrics and dimensions in place so that you don't have to navigate from report to report to find the data that you need.

Hope this helps,