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Data since last export not visible

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I'm as new as new can be to Analytics so I'm sure I'm asking a very basic question, and yet I can't figure it out!  


I exported pages data for our site on November 5th just to get a feel for numbers and the kind of information we can pull.  I just logged in for the first time since then and am trying to pull data for our annual report covering most of the year (April - today), however I cannot get it to show me data prior to my last export (November 5th).  I've changed the date range and that doesn't do it.  I've checked the filters and can't find anything there that would be preventing it related to set dates.  Any suggestions?  Is this something that happens every time you export?  The data view re-sets?  Why is it that re-setting the date range doesn't bring up older/historical data prior to my last export?


Thank you in advance for your help and apologies for the apparent newbie-ness of my request.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

Re: Data since last export not visible

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Remember that data import does not unify data retroactively, but only from the point of upload and going forward. You need to upload product data regularly, possibly daily, in order to associate the most up-to-date product info as each transaction is tracked and processed.