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Data inconsistencies between Google Analytics and Page Analytics Chrome extension

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I installed page analytics extension from chrome and notice inconsistencies between the data from the page analytics extension and that from Google analytics. On Google analytics I have set up two views - one with all spam filters enabled and excludes the admin etc. The other is the unfiltered view.


In page analytics I checked pages where I had not visited yesterday and compared the data with Google analytics. For example, for one post there are 6 page views recorded in Google analytics in the spam filter enabled view. And in page analytics the number reported is the same. However the average time spent recorded in Google analytics (filter enabled view) is "zero" and on page analytics it is 53 seconds and I can also see link clicks on the page. On another page there are several views reported from a referral source but again with "zero" seconds. Then there is one of my most popular posts which gets daily traffic and on that page it records several views with "zero" seconds.


1) How can I find the solution to this?


2) On another note, is there a way to exclude myself from page analytics reporting when I use that extension? (All of the numbers and pages in above paragraph though relate to pages I have not been on.)


3) How can I find the source of visits to a particular page? The referral source I mentioned above happened to be included but for other specific pages I don't know how to find the source of traffic. Is it possible to find the source?


Thank you.