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Data discrepancy between different reports

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I'm running a campaign on a blog where traffic to the blog is driven by multiple tactics. So for each tactic I added parameters to the blog link so that I can track where the source of traffic is coming from. I want to view traffic by sessions, users and page views so I created two custom reports, one to look at overall traffic to the blog page and two to see traffic specifically driven by the campaign. I created the overall traffic report by using the page dimension, under the behavior report and added a filter so that the page equals the blog url. For the campaign traffic, I created the report by using the advertising report and included the campaign dimension and the source/medium dimension. When I look at each report, the total number of traffic from the blog url page report is less than the sum of the campaign-source/medium report. Why is that? Am I going about the reports the wrong way?

Re: Data discrepancy between different reports

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Hi @DMG D,

There are many ways to do it.
Try creating a 2 custom reports where Dimension is 'Landing Page' (or source/medium, etc) & metrics 'Sessions', 'Users', etc.
Filter one of the reports by source/medium (campaign) &
have a look at the total.
Create a segment with Users containing 'xyz' campaign & check LP reports.
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Let me know if that helps.

Ritwik B