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Data discrepancy between Experiment report and Google Analytics Behaviour reports

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Hi, I have searched in this forum but couldn't find this question being asked. 

We recently set up a simple A/B test, and used bounce rate as the measuring metric. Basically, we set it to use 100% traffic, split evenly between the 2 pages.


After a couple weeks, we can see in the experiment report the following data:

Original: Experiment sessions 408, bounces 153 bounce rate 37.50%

Variant 1: experiment sessions 355, bounces 109, bounce rate 30.70%


However, if you go to Bahaviours, all pages report, you will find:

Original: bounce rate 30.58%, variant 1: bounce rate 24.16%


I understand there is a delay in tracking experiment sessions, and there is a tiny bit of discrepancy in sessions between the 2 reports, which is not my concern. But that discrepancy doesn't explain why the bounce rate reported by the 2 are so different? This is not the first time we have seen this; the good thing is that in both reports, the page with lower bounce rate is always the same page, which means it doesn't prevent us from deciding which page is better, but it does raise the question in terms of which report gives a more accurate (I know it can't really be accurate) view of the page bounce rate?


The only thing I can think of is that the experiment didn't track all the visits, but we did set it to 100%, and the number of sessions tracked isn't that far off.

Thanks for your help.