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Data Discrepancy between Clicks and Visits

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Hello everyone,


I am hoping someone can help me with this problem I am having. I am new to using Analytics and have been trying to set up reporting for a particular campaign. I used the URL builder to create my URL for the campaign and data is coming through as expected to Analytics, but the data does not seem to match my own data.


I record all clicks on the URL, and have the Analytics tracking tag on the landing page. The amount of clicks I am seeing does not correlate to the amount of sessions I am seeing. If I record 21 clicks from a particular source, shouldn't I see about 21 sessions from that source? Instead I am seeing about half that number of sessions. For example, one site was recorded 32 clicks for one day and Google Analytics recorded 13 sessions from that site on the same day. All new users and 100% bounce rate. I checked for patterns to see if maybe a certain Browser or Operating System was not being recorded by GA, but it seems across all Browser/OS that the clicks and sessions do not match.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, or why my data does not seem to be recorded properly. Could someone point me in the right direction to find a fix for this? Is a discrepancy expected for these campaign URLs? What other tests can I perform to make sure my data is as accurate as possible?


Any help is appreciated.


My thanks in advance,

Strickland S 

Re: Data Discrepancy between Clicks and Visits

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Hello! This is a common problem for advertisers, Especially in this community. To help you I have selected the Google Support Article:

It has this helpful image right here!

Basically there are a lot of potential points of failure between when the click is collected and when the session is created.

There is an official article for troubleshooting the disparity here as well:

I hope this helps!

Re: Data Discrepancy between Clicks and Visits

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Thank you for your response Jason. This was very useful information.

I am not using AdWords which seems to make analysis more difficult, and I understand that there can be latency but a difference over 50% seems a bit extreme. I only want to analyze data received from this particular campaign. Is there a way to test that my campaign URL is working properly for everything to be recorded?

Re: Data Discrepancy between Clicks and Visits

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Interesting, I think it might help if you go through the path on your own and check to see if any usage pattern would lead to somone looping back and using the same add within 30 minutes (the length of the session).

You can also manually test it with google analytics realtime reporting.