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Dashboards shared between views?

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I have tested sharing dashboards which means anyone with access to the same view can use the same dashboard without having to import it, and changes to the dashboard widgets are seen by all users. 

However, is there a way to share a dashboard across different views ie in different properties, in other words have a master dashboard that can be used across a number of sites, and where changing the original changes them all (unlike sharing the template url and importing which freezes a snapshot of the dashboard at the time of sharing)?



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February 2016

Re: Dashboards shared between views?

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Quick answer to your question. No you can't do this. At the moment the easiest way to use the same dashboard is:

Make a master dashboard in one account and make a note of this
use the share link to add it to other views in other accounts
Keep this link updated


What i do, is keep a word document with all the master dashboard links in it, so when I need to add them to new accounts, I can just use them from there. 

its a bit of a pain and i'd like to see this as a new feature soon... *hint hint google*

Re: Dashboards shared between views?

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But if you change the original, none of the 'copies' are updated! Definitely multiple hints to Google!