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Dashboard - Widgets Showing Users

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I'm trying to calculate Mobile Device usage for my site, but the numbers aren't adding up. Under audience> mobile> overview, I am seeing 226,219 sessions for the specified time frame. Device category shows 112,502 sessions (49.73%) for desktop; 89,477 sessions (39.55%) for mobile; and 24,240 sessions (10.72%) for tablet and the audience overview shows 191,062 users. 


However, when I open my dashboard/custom report, I get numbers that are confusing me. I have a widget set to show "users," with no filters, and it reports: 191,062, which is consistent with what I see in the audience overview. I also have a widget to show "users by device." It reports 98,058 users (50.8%) for desktop, 74,732 (38.7%) for mobile; and 20,133 (10.4%) for tablet. This adds up to 192,923. Where is this number coming from? Who are these 1,861 users that are not showing in the user widget/audience overview? The device widget's settings are: Create a pie chart showing: users grouped by device category; Show up to 4 slices; no filters. 


Furthermore, the New (177,395 users) vs. Returning (32,164 users) Users widget (pie chart) totals 209,559. The Users by Country widget (pie chart) totals 193,098 users (US: 157,014; Other: 28,309; Canada: 4,088; and India: 3,687). None of these numbers match up with the total number of users or total number of sessions. 


The only thing I can think of is that there is some glitch with how the pie chart widget perceives "users." I feel like I can no longer trust the information that they are reporting. What is going on? 

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Re: Dashboard - Widgets Showing Users

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Andrea when ever I don't see the counts I expect I isolate my data to a single day that is at least 4 days prior to today (to insure that all the data has been processed by GA servers), and then see what the numbers show this makes my data set much smaller and in most cases gets rid of any thresholds or data sampling. I first balance inside of GA then I go to my custom report or widget and try to balance. If your data balance on a single day then the issue is easily explained by data sampling when the data set is too large GA samples the data soemtimes a checker board appears above the graph on a page and you can adjust to a higher sampling rate but if it is sampling then it all depends on which records it chooses for the sample Ga does not always choose the same records. But start with asingle day and see how it looks then expand your date range by a couple of days and see how sampling can effect your data.