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Dashboard Widget filter OR condition possible?

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I currently have a dashboard where we'd like to combine 2 filters in the respective widgets:

  1. a regular expression containing a load of pagetitles OR
  2. a custom dimension

So far I haven't found a way to do OR in a widget, seems to me it only does AND. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance

Re: Dashboard Widget filter OR condition possible?

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Good Morning Filip!

While it looks like you are correct in your assessment of filters, I would like to point a possible workaround for you.

If you apply an advanced segment to the entire dashboard that requires x custom dimensions and x page titles then you would be able to get the data you are looking for. This would of course be applied to all of your other widgets as well and might throw them off.

Re: Dashboard Widget filter OR condition possible?

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Hi Jason, I was following this train of thought as well, but it looks as if we might have too many segments to make this a workable/scalable solution. Any idea where Google documents this? I've failed to find a conclusive answer so far.
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Re: Dashboard Widget filter OR condition possible?

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I have found the official documentation on filters here:

as the below:
You can limit the data shown by the widget by clicking Add a filter. Filters let you include or exclude data in the specified dimension that match your filter criteria. You can add multiple rows to your filter definition. All conditions must be met for the filter to work.

I thought of another solution that may work for you, if this is truly critical you can create a custom dimension that concatenates the page path and the custom dimension value you are looking for, then you would just need to concoct a regex for one dimension using the "|" for the "or" logic