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Custom Segments Ecommerce Product Detail

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Dear all, 

Today I ask myself question about Custom Segments:

How to create segment that include users who visited certain product category and brand I want to use this segment in acquisition -> channels section.


I've tried to set 3 custom segments:

  1. Filter:Users and Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce): exactly matches xyz and Product Brand exactly matches abc and Product Detail Views per user > 0
  2. Filter: Users that include Pages with brand and category as above
  3. Filter: Users and Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce): exactly matches xyz and Product Brand exactly matches abc and Product List Name = ProductDetailList

In all segments different values.

So question is which approach is correct or should I use different segment to get users who viewed product from selected category xyz and brand abc? Already double checked data sending to GA everything is fine every product have detail and all ecommerce data, separated list name for product page.