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Custom Data Import pagePath question

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Not sure what the right category is for this question so I'm putting here.


When using the Data Import portion of GA, I am keying off of "gaSmiley TongueagePath". I first tried keying of pages that include leading slashes "/website-page-goes-here". The file successfully uploaded and processed, however after waiting 24 hours, I am not seeing any results. Note that I created a Custom Dimension and am using the Scope of Hit. I have this working on another data set. 


My question is should I be including the leading slash /? GA documentation shows no slash so I have tried that too but without success. I can confirm the pages in my upload show in Site Content>Content Drill Down, but when I add this particular Secondary Dimension to the the view, I get no results. 


I would assume I'm doing something wrong and its user error. Any suggestions?





Custom Data Import pagePath question

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Thanks Jordi for your reply. The example page is similar to what I have seen. The example page you provided shows the following examples. 


gaSmiley TongueagePath,ga:dimension1
how_to_make_pizza,John Dough
how_to_make_doughnuts,Benny Cruller
how_to_build_a_treehouse,Oona Limb
how_to_make_paper_airplanes,Hellen Wings


That said, the URL appears to be just the page after the root without any slash (IE "how_to_make_pizza" vs. "/how_to_make_pizza"). I have tried this and with a slash and am not getting any results or joins on the import (after waiting 24 hours). 


Or are you saying it needs the full URL including the root domain, etc. (IE "")?