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Custom Channel Grouping duplicates in dropdown

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I would like to have one Custom Channel Grouping (hereonafter CCG) that only I maintain and make changes to, but which is available to everyone who has access to the GA view. Changes made in my report should automatically be pushed to everyone. The whole point is obviously that everyone should be seeing the same thing, but where I maintain full control of the channel grouping logic. 


Here are the two things I'm struggling with:


1) I created a CCG and thereafter shared it with everyone who has access to the view. After a while I made changes to the CCG, only to find out that the changes made in my report was not pushed to other peoples' CCG. To solve that I promoted my CCG, and as a result my updated CCG became visible to everyone. So far so good. However, in the dropdown menu (Acquisition--All traffic--Channels--Primary Dimension) there were now two custom channel groupings for people to choose from, both with the same name. This is inconvenient, because people don't know which CCG they should select in order to be looking at the correct report. People deleted the original CCG that I had at first shared with them from their admin menu, but that did not make the duplicate disappear from the dropdown menu in the reports. In fact, for every little thing I do the list of selectable CCGs keep getting longer, although there really should be only one there. So the question is, how can I get rid of old CCGs from the dropdown menu? 


2) As a worse solution, in case it is not possible to delete CCGs from the dropdown, I decided to rename the CCG that I had promoted. Thus hoping to distinguish the latest version of the CCG from older and no longer valid ones. However renaming the CCG only worked in my own account, the change was not pushed to other users. Does anyone know why?


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Custom Channel Grouping duplicates in dropdown

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So I finally found the answer to my own question. In order to get rid of old versions of the custom channel grouping in the dropdown menu in GA, it is not enough to delete old versions from Admin--Custom Channel Grouping. One must also go into Admin--Share assets, and from there delete formerly promoted versions of the channel grouping. After that, the dropdown menu is clean again and containing only the last and true version of the channel split.


Custom Channel Grouping duplicates in dropdown

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