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Creating a filter view for client access

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My client, who sells ads on his site, wants to provide his clients with access to GA but only allow them to see data on their pages.


My approach was to create a new View, then use a filter to 'include' only the specific pages which the advertiser has paid for and grant them access to only this view.


But here's the thing...


The client has around 40 different pages included in this particular campaign. For reasons still best known to the site owner, the URLs are not all contained within a single directory (that would be too easy!). And there is no unique word used in all URLs.


So the only solution I could think of was to add the request URI for each page into the filter pattern field, separated by a pipe. The problem is Google has set a limit of 255 characters (see below).


When I rang Google 'help' they suggested breaking them up into 2-3 separate filters. I then had to explain to the help desk guy that once you apply the first 'include' filter all other URIs are filtered out. Sigh! So he's gone to research the issue...


Question 1: Is my approach fundamentally sound, or is there a better approach to meet the same end?

Question 2: If this is the right approach, what is the best workaround for the 255 character limit (eg. possibly some very clever regex)?


Creating a filter view for client access

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Hey Murray,
You can also make a filter based on Campaign
The other approach i can think of is add a custom parameter to these 40 pages and make a filter that includes only urls with that parameter


hit like if this help Smiley Happy

kind regards

Noman karim