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Creating Custom Report for Event Property Tracking

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I have integrated with Google Analytics (GA), and I see that events created for are being received in GA. Here's my problem/question:


'Event A' has 4 properties that are reported each individual time it occurs. I want to specifically track and monitor 'Property 3' (an integer value)—at least the average for all instances, if not also individual values—on an hourly and daily basis in a customized report. How do I create this report? Is it possible with custom metrics?
(Note: 'Property 3' is also reported for other events, such as 'Event D,' however I only want to track this property for 'Event A' presently.)


So far, I've managed to track the total number of times 'Event A' has occurred with just /Behavior/Top Events, but I haven't been unable to identify 'Property 3' of 'Event A' within GA. I thought perhaps I needed to create a custom dimension, but that seems wrong after reading about the use of dimensions. Now, I'm led to believe the following:


1. I need to create 2 custom metrics, one for 'Event A' and one for 'Property 3' to help GA identify I want the values for 'Property 3' when it calls up to 'Event A;' OR


2. I need to crate a custom dimension for 'Event A' and have 'Property 3' exist as a custom metric (seems wrong); OR


3. I need to customize the existing Top Events report with my customized metric (don't know the proper ordering).


Any suggestions?