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Conversion rate issue in A/B testing

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Hey all,


Here's my problem: I set up a split test over two pages to test new wording over a CTA.


My experiment record conversions over a destination goal.

Each time a visitor click on the CTA and land on this destination page, the goal is completed.

The goal is set up properly since i have a number of goals completed in my goals report.

However, my AB test shows me no conversion at all (and thus a 0% conversion rate).


Did anyone encountered the same problem? Could someone help me to troubleshoot my configuration?


What i'm having a hard time to understand is: my goal seems to be configured properly - i have completions - so why don't i have data in my AB test reporting?



Re: Conversion rate issue in A/B testing

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To follow up, here's the goals that i set up and their following conversion rates:

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 12.30.01 PM.png


Goal 6: Time duration goals - working

Goal 7: Destination page goal with full URL - not working

Goal 8: Destination page goal with only URI - not working

Goal 9: Events on the CTA - working


When i say not working - i mean, goals records conversion in the goals overview report. But i don't get any conversion in this specific content experiment report.