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Content Grouping using tracking code not working

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I am testing content grouping on a small test site.


I have created content groups using 'rule sets' and these have all correctly resulted in grouped reports.


However, I have now tested using the tracking code to group and this has not produced any output (all reports for this content group show 'not set')


The code I am using is (analytics.js)


ga("set", "contentGroup2", "Second test category")


Interestingly, I installed the google analytics debugger extension for Chrome ( and looked at the output



Running command: ga("create"...
Running command: ga("send"...

when expanded, have info lines underneath them showing activity.


However, the ga("set" ... shows nothing

There is the 'twisty' triangle to expand/collapse, but expanding on this one shows nothing underneath.


Should there be some information? Does this empty space suggest there is a problem?

Any help appreciated.
Running command: ga("set", "contentGroup2", "Second test category")

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Re: Content Grouping using tracking code not working

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Didn't read the documentation fully, I had added the ga('set'... after the ga('send'... - it must be before.

All working now.