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Connect CRM data to Google Analytics data

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I have a task: integrate CRM data with Google Analytics data. But i don't know, what the first step should be.


I know, that we can use USER-ID feature to complete the task or Measurement Protocol, but i don't know, what should i start from and how it will look like.


Could you explain me, please, how to integrate CRM with GA? Possibly, not step by step, but just in general.



Re: Connect CRM data to Google Analytics data

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Hey Павел Б, how are things?

I'll move your post to the Google Analytics section, since this is a Adwords community. Any doubts just let me know.

The integration will depend on what you're trying to accomplish. There're plugins and scripts on GOOGLE DOCS that pull data out of your Analytics, and from there you can throw them into your CRM.

You can also use Google Analytics API to access your data through API and pull it directly to your CRM. This community might help:

Check this links also:
and this one:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Connect CRM data to Google Analytics data

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Hey, Leandro !

Thanks for your answer!

We need to collect data from different sources (e.g. CRM) and synchronize it. I guess I can't exactly synchronize data if I use GA API to push GA data to CRM or use Google Docs: as i understand, we just push data to another database without any corresponding.

As i know, we should apply to the task some methods using user-ID and client-ID to let GA know, to what user pulled data (e.g. from CRM) correspond. And the question was how to use these methods? How to set up corresponding between user-ID on the site side (e.g. login system) and the client-ID on the GA side, and how to pull data from CRM on the base of this corresponding then?