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Compare usergroups/segments

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I have a site with 6 different usergroups, which is each defined by the user having visiting a specifik page associated to a group. For instance if he visits the then he is in the carpenter group, if he visits the then he is in the plumber group etc.


What I am trying to do is create a custom report where I can see the numbers of users for each usergroup and the total number of users visited the site. For instance:

All users 100%

Group1 30%

group2 20%

group3 20%

group4 10%

group5 10%

group6 10%


I tried using segments for this, but the report didn't look very pretty and I can only compare 4 segments. I also thought about using a landingpage report, but for some reason you can only use an AND filter not and an OR filter to include only those 6 specific landingpages, not to mention it wouldn't give me the all users count either.


Any ideas how I could solve this?


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Re: Compare usergroups/segments

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Hi Michael,

You can use an or by using the filter box with a pipe (|) in between each page. The filter box is regex enabled or you can select advanced then regex as your operator.

It would look something like this plumber|carpenters|electrician

That said segments would be better and would let you see (in conjunction with the content reports) the users that cross more than one group and you can get user counts. I order to create a report with six segments you could use the API and a tool like nextanalytics or the Google sheets plugin.

That said, you may also want to considering setting your groups by a custom dimension which would let you see user counts etc quite easily but you'd need to account for how that impacts users in more than one group.

More on custom dimensions here:


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