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Combating malicious bot traffic

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I see lots of strange traffic on a website I work on that I can't explain but seems like fake traffic. This isn't related to analytics spam, I don't think, but we do all the best practices with regard to that: checking exclude bots in the view, filtering out hostnames that don't match our website, etc. I still see very high, unnatural spikes in traffic that I can't explain. For example, I'll see mass traffic come in from users only on IE7 for a short period of time.


Or in this example below, Here is Organic Search traffic entering on the homepage where Java support is No, comparing year over year September:




I should also mention that the bounce rate of the segments that make up these traffic spikes, regardless of the other characteristics, is close to 100%. What can explain these traffic patterns? And how do we combat it if it isn't real user traffic patterns?

Combating malicious bot traffic

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Hi Rolando.

Did you check where it came from? Please let me know.


To check: Acquisition > Overview > Organic Search


Combating malicious bot traffic

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Hi Keken,


There might be possibility that some spam bots are crawling your site, i would suggest you to add spam filter installer by Simo Ahava. It automatically update filters for new spam traffic and allow you to see the accurate reports. 


if this helped you hit like to let me know

kind regards 

Noman Karim