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Channels wrong number of Goal Completions adding secondary dimension

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To replicate the issue, go to the section below. Selected a single date range of 12/01/2015

Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Channels: in the screenshot below you can see All Goals -> "Goal Completions" is at 42
Then using the same date range, I add a secondary dimension of "Device Category" and now you can see All Goal -> "Goal Completions" is 99
All of the other numbers stay the same except Goal Conversion Rate and Goal Completions. This makes absolutely no sense to me as how adding Device would create more Goal Completions. Any insight would be very helpful.

Re: Channels wrong number of Goal Completions adding secondary dimensi

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Everything has a session level scope except the device category which apparently has a user level scope. So when you add this dimension in, you are tell it to return all the device categories that the users who are included in report have used in any sessions.

What's odd is that the device category is definitely tracked at the session level, so why they would make it user level for this report, I have no idea.