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Channel paths with and without conversions

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Hi guys


I am looking to run a Markov Model for channel attribution based on GA data. Explained here:


For that to work, I need channel paths with no converions, in addition to the standard MCF: Top Conversion Paths.



Direct: 15 conversions

Direct -> Email: 10 conversions

Email -> Direct -> Paid Advertising: 3 converions

Paid Advertising -> Email: 0 converions

Direct -> Paid Advertising: 0 conversions


The last two paths doesn't lead to conversions, and there is as far as I can see no way to fetch channel paths with no conversions. If anyone knows how to go about to get this data, please let me know.





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October 2016

Re: Channel paths with and without conversions

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Hi Andreas,

an easy way would be to create a new goal (destination type) and use match regex to .*. This would track each session start in GA as a Goal and record the paths regardless if there were conversions (real ones) or not. I would strongly advise to use this ONLY with a test GA property! The additional trick would be to lookup real conversion paths and extract these from the full user journey (using the goal hack) - do not have an idea on how to proceed here yet it could be doable (probably if you artificially send a transaction hit and then lookup purchase paths which have the transaction id (available via MCF API now) against those which do not have it).

Of course the right way to do it would probably contain using Big Query and recreate user behavior there but that is a completely different story.

Hope it helps!

Kind regards,
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Channel paths with and without conversions

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Hi Zorin,


Thank you for providing insights in how to go about. This does send me a step in the right direction, though I'll probably face some difficulties down the road.