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Changes to My Dashboard disappearing

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I've just been given access to Analytics for our site by our web host, and customized a number a widgets to suit my needs in Dashboards>Private>My Dashboard. However the changes only seem to be retained whilst in a single session. When I return for another session, the dashboard appears to have returned to its original state. This has happened more than once. Is this normal behaviour?


Am I failing to click a save button somewhere (don't see anything obvious)? Could it be because I am not Admin for the 'owning' account and the web host's settings are imposing themselves on me? Should I be setting up new dashboards rather than changing the default one? 

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December 2015

Re: Changes to My Dashboard disappearing

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Scratch it - I've just answered my own question! I've got two Google identities, and was looking at Analytics with the wrong hat on. What can I say - it's early on a Monday morning! Smiley Happy