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Understand information in your reports and troubleshoot reporting issues such as self-referrals, (not set) data, and inaccurate information
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Campaign tracking over reporting

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We are using Google URL builder to create trackable URL's using _UTM parameters to record clicks on Graphic banner ads. The problem is that Google Analytics is still recording sessions long after the ads are removed.


We are creating News articles in our cms, and then adding 'non cms links' into the form field. We are also having to shorten the links first using our own internal shortener because the Links are too long. The shortener does not reuse links.

Google support suggest that the URL's are still being followed somehow even when the pages are removed. I doubt 1000's of people are bookmarking our banners.

Re: Campaign tracking over reporting

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I think one of the cause could be default attribution model in Google Analytics which ignores direct traffic.
If someone clicks your ad and then comes back to the site by "direct" channel the traffic is assigned to the last known source.
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Re: Campaign tracking over reporting

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My guess is that somebody has copied/pasted the URL after coming from your graphic banner ad without noticing or understanding the URL tagging. One of the more frustrating aspects of GA is the the UTM tags overwrite all other referral information making this impossible to troubleshoot. No report will expose a referral using a poorly tagged URL.