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Campaign not showing

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Dear all,


I need some help with the tracking of my campaign which has been setup but does not show on analytics.



Website built on Google Site website. I need to track clicks on one image which opens a document.


What I have tried so far, all with unsuccessful results:

- Used Google Campaign URL Builder to link pasted image to campaign URL. All fields there were completed, copied/pasted links both as a short and long URL

- Locally changed GSite HTML code for the image to add the tracking code (onclick="ga('send', 'event', 'Google Link', 'Action label', 'Action Value');") just to test if it would track on real-time

- Created a testing page with HTML box (instead of pasting image and have link to campaign URL) with code to image and document attachment and analytics tag


I have also allowed analytics a couple of days in each opportunity as I understand that it may take a few hours for information to kick in. 


Do you have any idea why none of these are working? How can I track a simple image click?

Campaign not showing

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Hi @Soledad A,


Event tracking will be the best option in this case. If you can share your URL with us. I can take a look for you.



Campaign not showing

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@Güney K, that is part of the challenge, there is no (visible) code. GSite is like a "drag-and-drop" website, there is no code that we write.  
Also, if for event tracking you need to connect Analytics with Tag Manager, I can also tell you that it does not work with GSites.