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Campaign Pathing Report

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Hi Everyone,


I've recently finished running a Trueview video campaign and am conducting post campaign analysis. I have good front end metrics like view rate, cpv, video played to, etc. to report, but I'm interested in measuring other impact the video campaign may have had.


As I anticipated, seeing it's a video campaign, conversions (gated asset form fills in my case) are low. Trying out the various MCF attribution models, there isn't much to report on. Same goes with assisted and view-through conversions. Therefore, I was thinking it might be interesting to see how many users first clicked our video campaign and then later visited our site through another AdWords campaign. This reporting would not be reliant on the user completing a conversion action, like the goal/conversion reporting is. It is basically a campaign pathing report.


Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this in either GA or AdWords reporting? If not, any other reporting suggestions along the same lines?


Thank you very much!