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Building paths to login page

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Hello there, friends. Here's my issue.


I need to figure out paths my visitors follow to get to login page.

The trick is they can get to this page from almost amy page (in order they want to download whitepaper or trial, for example).

So I'm trying my best to figure out most popular paths or at list previous pages for login pages - I need to know from where they get there.


And that's the problem:

1. Previous Page report has been deprecated

2. Content drilldown report works only with directories, and 90% of my pages are 1st level.


I've got some approaches, but they don't solve my problem completely:


1. Creating a custom report with "Page" dimension, filtered to include only login page visits. I can add secondary dimension, like "Landing Page" or "Exit Page" at least to see, where visitors that came to login page started or finished their journey.

2. Creating a segments by visitors, that had visits in login page. And apply it to different reports regarding to content. Navigation summary report, unfortunately, turned out to be completely useless in that approach (very small data for analysis). Behaviour Flow doesn't work as my segment is user-based.

3. Build goal funnel for the most popular path (still it doesn't give necessary info about other paths). 


Probably any of you have any other ideas? I'm deeply grateful for any advice. 

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Re: Building paths to login page

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Anna have you looked at the User Flow report found at Audience-->Users Flow it is basicly the same as Behavior Flow except user focused as opposed to session focused.

Re: Building paths to login page

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I did Smiley Happy But unfortunately, login page appeared just once in Users flow map, even though I applied a segment, considering only users, that visited that page (probably its traffic is too low, compared to other pages).