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Broken Link Intelligence Alert

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Why do I keep getting broken link alerts? 


What's the best way to investigate? 



I've checked all of our reports and it's unclear what they could be.


We have a handful of 404 pages when we look at the acquisitions report, but it gives little information. For example: "/404.html?page=/?p=5014&from="


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Broken Link Intelligence Alert

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Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing the above?


Re: Broken Link Intelligence Alert

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In order to determine if you have a true broken link you need two pieces of information, the first is you need to know what link is being reported as broken and second which page that broken link was found on. In my version of GA I do not see any reports that give me a list of possible broken links, so I guess my first question would be where are you seeing this information? Is it GA, GTM, Web Master Tools or some other application?
In lieu of not being able to see this report you usually need to understand your URL structure for your website in order to derive at these two pieces of information. A wild guess here would be that by the partial URL you posted the issue could be on your home page (page=/), and seems to deal with a parameter called “p” (?p=5014). Since the first and last part of the URL error seems to be missing this is as far as I can go at present.
Many factors can cause this 404 error even if the pages and the link are good, the most common is that at the point in time that Google or some other bot tried to crawl your site your site had an issue such as it was in maintenance mode or the server was temporarily down.