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Bounce rate calculation?

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I was wondering around my reports then suddenly something caught my eyes: There are pages that have the bounce rate of 100% but their average time on page is above 0. How does it possible? According to Google Analytics support page, "a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server" (, that means if a page have the bounce rate of 100%, all of its session are bounces and it should have all time on site = 0 (since time on site is the difference between first request and last request).

That is the way I understand the problem, where did I do wrong? Someone, please explain.

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Bounce rate calculation?

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Hi Mike,


Let me explain, this is because the users landed on that page are bounced 100% but there were some other users that visited that page(not as landing page) during their session. 


Please let me know if it is not clear.


I hope this helps.


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Bounce rate calculation?

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Hi @Mike T,

Let's start with the definition

Bounce Rate = Bounces / Entrances
Avg. Time on Page = Time On Page / (Pageviews - Exits)

In your case (for that page) 1 landed & 1 bounced. So 100% bounce rate.

But the time on page is calculated for those (100 - 22.73)% non-exits as per the above definition.

Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate
Avg. Time On Page 

Ritwik B

Bounce rate calculation?

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Wow, your explanation is very detailed, it helps me a lot. Thank you very much

Bounce rate calculation?

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Hi, lots of today first web pages are done using Java Script and as consequence has 100% bounce rate if everything is done on one/first page. Any idea how to use Java Script to be compatible with analitics?