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Bounce rate = 100 %, but average time is 00:00:24?

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Hi everybody


I hope you can help me out since I am rather new in Google Analytics. (I have completed half of the advanced course, so I am on my way :-).

I have several pages with the issues mentioned in the subject line. But to use one of them as an example it has 142 sessions, 106 users, Average time on page is 00:00:24 and a bounce rate of 100% over the past two weeks. 


I dont know how that is possible? I cant find any event tracking when I check in GA, but I can't exclude that there might be something in the tag which was implemented by the developer of our CMS. Since I am new to GA I have been a bit scared of touching it, and was wondering if anybody in here might have an explanation as how it could happen?

I would love to get the developer on the case, but they are rather expensive and we are a small government agency with a limited budget. 



Bounce rate = 100 %, but average time is 00:00:24?

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Please check this quora post hope you will get answer @