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Bounce Rate jumped to 100% all of a sudden

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I have got two pages that have been hitting around 50% bounce rate for two years. For the past 3 days these two page are getting 100% bounce rate. The amount of visits is the same. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Re: Bounce Rate jumped to 100% all of a sudden

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When bounce rate jumps like that, the first two things you should check are:

1. Does the page work correctly? Secondary errors (like scripts or images not working) can scare visitors away.

2. Do the pages that page links to still have Analytics tags?

Re: Bounce Rate jumped to 100% all of a sudden

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Has the number of visits to those pages spiked at the same time as the bounce rate? That could indicate bots are visiting those pages, possibly to look for vulnerabilities in your site.

In addition to the possible technical issues Michael talked about:
Do your affected pages my have unusually long loading times? If the page is taking way more then 10 seconds to load you may be losing all your visitors as they lose patience.

Do you have any broken links on these pages? This can leave them with no normal way to leave the page other then to bounce. Broken links can also scare visitors off if there are a lot of them as it makes the site look abandoned and sketchy.

Is your navigation on the affected pages is broken? That could also scare visitors away, or at least leave them with no way off the page but to bounce.