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Bounce Rate is very low

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Hi guys, 


My website has split Google Analytics to see the different session and conversion of each products on my website, But we have found out one issues that reflect to analytics reports as they have 1% of bounce rate & generated 3% of conversion for life insurance products, Is it possible that people are interesting in our products but they aren't complete the conversion. You can see an image as below 


analytics issues 1.JPG


On this situations, I also checking the goal flow reports and see the result that contrast with the image as above. Because the landing page of our some products was generated 91% of exit rate directly from this landing pages. 

analytics issues 2.JPG



So this is my concern about this issues, 

  • Why bounce rate is very low compare to exit rate ?
  • To improve the conversion of life insurances products what kind of landing page that can improving the conversion funnel ?


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September 2016

Re: Bounce Rate is very low

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Hi Apiwat,

natural bounce rates amount to about 40-50%. Even more, campaign traffic with completely new visitors often show considerably higher bounce rates.

In your case, very probably some kind of interactive event tracking or scroll tracking on your landing page takes place. Check your event-tracking reports with 'page' as secondary dimension (second column) to verify that.

To avoid that and to show more realistic bounce rates it's possible to declare Google Analytics events as non-interactive [1].

To improve landing pages be guided by common best practices, e.g. [2]. And look for your competitors in your industry, click on their Google ads and assess their approach to landing-page strategy.



Re: Bounce Rate is very low

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Hi Apiwat,

i may include the answer to the second question
- Bounce rate and Exit rate are two different attributes. Read this up to get clear idea about both

- Improving conversion value can be achieved using various resources
- paid advertisement
- improving SEO
- analytics study and so on

hope this makes a little sense for you

kind regards
Noman Karim

Re: Bounce Rate is very low

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Thanks all,

If we need to checking the realistic bounce rate, It must setting an event tracking by don't trigger an event about scroll down or setting non-interactive into event tracking, BUt how can we setting into Google Tag Manager as we using for track conversions and funnel reports.

Re: Bounce Rate is very low

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@webfield - Thanks for your answer, But how can we checking an event tracking base on your suggestions, And my website has been using GTM to tracking traffic, conversion and event, So how can we checking from this as well.