Understand information in your reports and troubleshoot reporting issues such as self-referrals, (not set) data, and inaccurate information
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So i've gone through the anayltics demo , and though I can manually go through and find certain data the amount of jargon and lack of really explaining anything makes it difficult to get to a point. 
     I'm helping manage an e-commerce marketing division and we're wanting to increase our PA/DA. Build a following , generate traffic and of course increase our sales. Im wanting to pull different kinds of general data However the tutorials do not sufficiently and succinctly explain how to build basic reports with the information I want i.e were i wanting to have a report that includes , age /genders / what percentage is making a purchase on the site / and where they came from (FB/Twitter/pinterest/blog/ etc)  I'm not even sure if the GA is setup to track us from other platforms and don't know how to check if they are. I can bounce around each section and manually accumulate certain aspects of the data but its time consuming and i'm not sure if i'm getting accurate data to cross reference it correctly.