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Backup Google Analytics Views

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My business has separate view of GA and now we need to delete some of them, Otherwise we would like to know that Google Analytics Views can backup raw data before we delete ?

Re: Backup Google Analytics Views

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Hey Apiwat,
When you delete a view/property/account they get stored in google analytics trashcan and will remain their with your data for 35 days.
So you would have 35 days to restore items from the Trash Can before they are permanently deleted.

You can learn a bit more about trashcan from here

One suggestion though, Why delete the property just stop sending data to it.
That way your historic/raw data will remain intact for future use.

Hope this helps,
Noman Karim

Re: Backup Google Analytics Views

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@Noman K,

Thanks for suggestion then you mean, We can't backup GA data right

Re: Backup Google Analytics Views

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usually we can't backup data but it can be possible by using an api and you have to look for a correct api which is a bit lengthy process.