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Average Latest Metric per User

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I'm logging Events from within my Android App using the UnitySDK. Each event contains a value (1 - 10).

I need a graph that shows the average out of the latest metric per user.


For example;

user A logs '2', and user B logs '4'. The graph should show 3. ((2+4)/2)

Then, user A logs '5', and the graph should show 4.5 instead. ((5+4)/2)


I need this for showing me the 'average local highscore' of the game. Only the newest updated value of the Event is important!


I've looked all over the place, but it feels like this is impossible to do. Can anyone please let me know what I can do to achieve this?

Re: Average Latest Metric per User

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I found something regarding User-level Scope that might help.


But I'm not sure how to implement this.