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Audience Overview vs. Behavior Overview

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Hey guys, would really appreciate some help! New to analytics and adwords and its part of my job now so doing my best to try and learn the ropes!


I have two problems thus far. The client wants to see the number of PAGEVIEWS for a specific page, as well as the number of USERS for that same page.

Here's my process:

1.) I'm trying to track pageviews for this SPECIFIC page on a client's website. The page is


2.) My issue ----Under AUDIENCE OVERVIEW, selecting pageviews from the drop down, I've created a segment as follows:

Filter-Users-Include: Page-exactly matches-"/services/"


I named this segment "service page users only" and when its applied, I see 499 pageviews.


But when I go to: BEHAVIOR-Site Content-All Pages


....and look at the table for the /services/ page, I only see 298 pageviews.


What am I doing wrong?


What is the correct way to show pageviews for a specific page?


And what is the correct way to find specific number of users for that specific page?


For users, I've been using the same segment I created in AUDIENCE OVERVIEW and am simply selecting the drop down to be users instead of pageviews.


Really, REALLY appreciate the advice.



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Audience Overview vs. Behavior Overview

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Hey Jake,


Your seeing a higher number of pageviews because users also view other pages so 298 for the pages you want and another 201 for other pages. 


You can just go to behavior>>Site Content>> All pages and use the search box to find the page in question.  On that report you wont see user but you can approximate session via the unique pageviews.  Soon  users will be more prominent.


Try this custom report template that I whipped up for you:




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