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Audience, Geo, Location -> Meaning of results

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 For our product I'm In, we are using Google Analytics to understand the behaviour and distribution of our users, more than 700000 worldwide, but mostly located in The Netherlands. 


 When looking at Geo information, Location, to see the amount of users per country, some information looks contradictory and we have some questions: 


- The addition of the total of Users in every country is much higher than the total of users on the first row (200042)

- What does "% of Total means"?

- For the case of New Users, the addition of the total of user in every country represents a percentage of the total New Users. Where do the other new users come from? 


We are sure these are pretty basic questions and they are related to some basics of how analytics work that we are missing, but so far, we can not find it explained anywhere. 


 Some help will be very much appreciated. 


 Thank you very much, 




 Ruben Lemetre







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Re: Audience, Geo, Location -> Meaning of results

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Hi Ruben,

pretty amazing report - you're right with your question. I don't see that behavior in my accounts.

Any special session/user segments or view filters applied?


Re: Audience, Geo, Location -> Meaning of results

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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your answer.

I am looking at 'All Sessions', no user segments or filters...
Curious it does not happen to you.

If you have any further information, very much appreciated. Thanks!